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About Us

So, you too belong to that group of consumers for whom vehicles are their biggest investment after home. But do you really give the deserved care for this investment?

Though the car manufacture sector in India is surging ahead, our roads offer a far from comfortable drive and most of the service centers have inadequate equipments and untrained personnel to handle modern cars. In the long term this is affecting the life span of cars, and in a way your are forcing your cars to untimely death.
What is the solution?
Well, Wiz Wheels is both a solution and an opportunity. 
For anyone looking to extend the life of their vehicle, routinely maintaining its interior and exterior is essential. Proper maintenance using appropriate products and completing manufacturer-recommended engine maintenance can save money on expensive repairs as well. 
At present there are two options before you.  At one end, we have the unreliable but cheaper service facilities that are ill-equipped in terms of personnel and machinery.  The other option is to go after manufacture authorized service centres. We could expect original parts and trained personnel there. But expense and waiting period are high.
Surely, there is scope for the mid path-consumer friendly pricing and professional maintenance. Wiz Wheels will be equipped for that. Wiz Wheels is designed as a state of the art one- stop service station for cars.

Wiz Wheels offer its customers: 

  1. Integrated Multi brand car servicing solution
  2. Proximity to customers - physically and emotionally
  3. Personalized service
  4. Transparency & Trust
  5. Adherence to Quality standards
  6. Heritage of quality and trust associated with us.